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What Clients Have Said…

 What clients have said…

“The piping was wonderful—you certainly looked and sounded the part” – Event Organiser

“You proved to be every inch the consummate professional” – Army Officer

“You looked fantastic and your playing was fabulous” – Bride

“Absolutely brilliant—well done and thank you” – Banqueting Manager

“Thank you very much. What more can I say? You made it such a memorable evening” – Club Secretary

“You were so professional and so respectful—you obviously care a great deal about the service you provide and we have recommended you to lots of people” – Bereaved Family

“You went beyond the call of duty and we really appreciate it” – Bridegroom

“We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and would like you to come next year” – Dinner Organiser

“I always call on you first because I know you are totally reliable” – Funeral Director

“May I thank you for a wonderful performance. People are still talking about it and it has been one of the best nights held here”    –   Mess President

“Thank you so much. Your professionalism was outstanding and we were really taken aback by your presence. You played with precise accuracy and made it a very memorable day”    –   Host

“Thank you for the fantastic support and ambiance you provided. The unique sound of the bagpipes was pivotal to bringing the evening alive,” – Chairman

“We all truly appreciated the effort that you went to to ensure the evening was a real success” – Hon Secretary

“That was the swankiest tune I have heard all week – great!” – Pipe Major John D Burgess, “The king of pipers”

“We cannot begin to tell you the difference that you made. The music of course was beautiful and so fitting, but everything about you was so perfect, majestic, respectful, professional, so beautifully turned out in full regalia. It filled us with a sense of pride and we felt tremendously uplifted…Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful presence which transformed our day” – Client

“You are the best piper I have ever met and that’s why I keep asking you to play for us. You’re excellent and know exactly what to do. You always provide a real finesse to the evening” – Warrant Officer

“You made a big difference. I thought your playing and everything about you was a very great credit. You did extremely well. Thank you very much indeed” – Dinner Dance Chairman

“You are the only piper I know who takes the trouble to liaise with the family and to add your special touches on the day” – Funeral Director

“The applause you received at the end showed just how much we appreciated your skill and talent” – Entertainments Committee President

“You are a fine figure of a man” – Inspecting Lt General

“It was a great comfort that you were there. You were wonderful and you made it very special. It was really lovely having you there and it wouldn’t have been the same without you” – Family Member           

“I suggested you straight away because I know how good you look” – Event Organiser

“What an excellent job you did last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the rest of the visitors. It was great that you were there and you are a fine representative of your regiment. I enjoyed all of your selection very much; well done and thank you” – Lt Colonel

“Everyone has said how wonderful the piper was” – Host

“I really cannot thank you enough for making our day something extra special to remember. You looked fantastic and so smart in all your full ceremonial dress. We were all so thrilled at seeing you there; it made our day and we will be talking about it for years to come” – Host

“You are at the top of our list” – Funeral Director

“Thank you so much for the great job you did; it was most appreciated. You looked absolutely fantastic in your full uniform and the guests very much enjoyed your playing. Can we please book you for next year?” – Hotel Manager

“Your playing on Saturday was OUTSTANDING. Your involvement only added to what was a fantastic evening, the best Burns Supper I have ever attended. A Burns Night does not work unless you have a really good piper and you are well up in that category. A great night, and much of that down to your fantastic piping.” – Colonel

“They all said you were absolutely awesome” – Organiser

“You looked and sounded fantastic and were absolutely wonderful. A true professional – I just can’t recommend you enough. Everyone said it was so perfect; thank you so much.” – Family Member

“Our client has just called in to see me and has said how fantastic you were. He was so very pleased with how you played on the day and says everybody was talking about you for the rest of the day! He appreciates the time you took to speak to the family and arrange everything beforehand.” – Funeral Director

“I’ve had great feedback already, and you haven’t even gone yet! Can you come back next year?” – Burns Supper Secretary

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful performance on Friday evening. Your control of the pipes has clearly been built with years of practise, but the skill on display was superb, even for a professional such as yourself. I’m not sure if you were aware, but we had in our presence another piper, who approached me later to compliment your performance and comment how much better your were then he is! I feel that he will be spending many hours practicing now that he has witnessed the correct level that one has to achieve for perfection” – President, Officers’ Mess Committee

“It gave both Ian and me great confidence to be secure in dancing to such good pipe music” –Highland Dancersleading_funeral_cars

“What can I say other than, Sir you were absolutely brilliant! The professionalism you displayed yesterday was so appreciated by everyone, and thank you for making it a very memorable day…..will always have a lasting vision of you playing that final tune and marching off into the distance. Chris, I have to say you were amazing. I do hope our paths will cross again and should any of my clients ask me for a piper you will be the name they get.” – Agent

“You, your colleagues family and friends should be proud of the professionalism, respect and compassion you showed, not to mention the deeply moving sound of the pipes. You will be remembered for a very long time as one who added the magic touch to the day.” – Memorial Service Organiser

“Thank you again – your presence was invaluable. The moment the first notes sounded I knew I had absolutely done the right thing, and moreover chosen the right person.” – Client

“…..one of our best pipers…..” – Army Major

“Faultless, immaculate, amazing, most reliable, thank you” – Many people!